About Us

Whisper Media has developed a well-proven business model, and has invested heavily in back-office operations and workflow that together form highly proprietary “know-how”.

This know-how means that Whisper Media can operate at a speed, scale and quality – with independent proof-of-performance that ensures a very high market entry barrier for competitors, and a very low investment need by its clients.

Whisper Media is well-positioned as the leading global service provider and has already established itself as the market leader in Indonesia, India, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.

Why Us

There are 8 components to the ICA technology

Our Story

Whisper Media has totally disrupted the market and for the first time allows the complex to be traded as simply as media. Whisper fixes 5 key problems, that no other service provider in the world can – this in spite of there being 75,000 post-production companies around the world:


Advertising can be bought on marketing timelines (days to weeks) and not production timelines (weeks to months). Furthermore, the risk of ending up on the cutting room floor in the edit suite is eliminated completely.

Editorial Integrity

Producers and editors can create great programs and not be unduly influenced by the brand.

Audience Fragmentation

As audiences consume programs through different channels (terrestrial, digital, catch up, streaming, mobile OTT) a single investment by the brand can sweep up all audiences rather than having to purchase media multiple times across multiple channels.

Ad Blindness

It is well-known that audiences have developed a blind spot for traditional interrupt based advertising. Whether that can be demonstrated through channel-hopping, leaving the room, picking up a phone/magazine or merely being defensive to being sold to. By advertising while audiences have elected to view programs, ICA is unskippable, likeable and memorable.


Using world-renowned research and measurement companies Whisper Media demonstrates effectiveness and value on every campaign. Whisper Media integrates directly to rating systems and commissions independent research for ad-effectiveness on every campaign.


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